Who We Are.


Mission of The Hawaii Kai

Homeless Task Force.


We are volunteers from Hawaii Kai, Kalama Valley, and surrounding communities.  We are self-funded. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PUBLIC FUNDING OR PRIVATE DONATIONS. Although we were formed by State Representative Gene Ward,   we are not a government agency and have no governmental powers.   We assist his office with matters pertaining to the homeless in his district, and the larger issue of ending homelessness throughout the State of Hawaii.

The HKHTF  was founded in September of 2016.  

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To find and implement  State-wide solutions to the homeless crisis.
  2. To address the day-to-day problems of homelessness in Hawaii Kai. 

State-wide Activities: The only way to truly help the homeless is to change State policies.  The HKHTF develops comprehensive strategies, based on the collective knowledge of experts, social services providers, plus extensive legal and social science research.  We draft legislation and work to implement our recommendations.  We also promote our ideas through the Internet, media, and personal contact.  

Local Activities in Hawaii Kai:  In Hawaii Kai, we engage in outreach, and offer to connect homeless to services primarily provided by The Institute for Human Services ("IHS") and other public and private agencies.  

We have great compassion for the plight of the homeless. We respect the constitutional rights of the  homeless to refuse assistance and live as they choose,as long as they can do so without breaking the law and  violating the rights of others.

Empathy for the homeless is not inconsistent with protecting the quality of life for residents and tourists.