Why Our “Stay for Work” Bill Makes Sense.

It’s a simple idea that will cost the government nothing, and reap huge benefits for the public.  The Department of Land and Natural Resources has the authority to create this program.  The cities and counties should also implement this in their parks.

This proposal is not for people who are mentally ill or substance addicted, unless they are in a recovery program, and able to act responsibly. 

Financially challenged individuals and families,  should be given the opportunity to camp in public parks and at public beaches in return for assisting government maintenance workers to keep those places litter and graffiti free.  

​Right now, the government does not have enough personnel to properly maintain our beaches and parks..  Unsightly litter and graffiti is all too commonplace. Having  people assisting maintenance workers who actually live on-site would be a huge boon to the public and tourists.